Thank you for visiting Computer Wizards. My name is Frank Valentine. I have been an I.T. support specialist for 25 years, cyber security analyst and programmer for the last 12 years. My curiosity with computers started when I needed a repair on my own PC and the cost would have been hundreds of dollars, I couldn’t afford that so I started learning.

I found that I love working on computers, since then technology has become my life.

I also found that going deeper into the rabbit hole is even more fun. I have always thought of myself as one of the good guys so penetration testing is another facet of technology that I fell in love with.

Programming gives me the opportunity to be creative, whether it’s automating Linux systems using bash scripts or creating tools with python.

Know that Computer Wizards has the best prices in the area and if you leave your PC, smart phone or tablet with me it’s in good hands.

Thank you for stopping by!