Diagnostic Fees:

Computer Wizards diagnostic fees are free unless your PC will not boot into windows or power up. The minimum fee for a computer that won’t boot or power on is $50. 

Computer Wizards charges a fixed labor rate for time spent attempting for all repairs, regardless if repair is successful or not. We do not guarantee we can repair any problem at anytime. Replacement parts cost may be above pre-approved minimum authorized, or may not be available for us to purchase for repairs.

Windows Installations:

A successful installation is defined as the Computer booting up and showing the desktop with a Start button and no conflict drivers (Drivers are subject to availability and only with the original system). There will be NO tech support for Windows; we only install Windows as a service and we DO NOT own Windows. If you need additional Software Installation, MSOffice, Networking, File Sharing, Printer, Dial- Up Internet or DSL Set-Up after we install Windows on your PC, we can install it for you for a flat rate.

Just windows installed =$75.00

Windows, all drivers,antivirus, anti spyware, all Microsoft updates (critical, optional, and device driver updates included) $150.00

Loss or Damage:

Computer Wizards is not responsible for loss of or damage to Computer equipment, Laptop, LCD or software left for repair in case of fire, theft, natural disasters, shipping, employee mistake or any other cause beyond our control. Computer Wizards is not responsible for data loss or other component failures occurring during attempted repairs, testing, or at any other time. Computer Wizards shall not be held liable for loss of profit or any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damage occurring from or after Computer, Laptop testing, repairs or any of our services. 


Any repair not retrieved and/or paid for within 15 days from notification of issues with cost, or completion of repairs will be considered abandoned, and subject to sale. No Exceptions!

Limited Warranty:

All parts used for repairs have a full 30-day warranty unless otherwise specified on invoice. Any attempt to repair or service any Computer equipment, Laptop, not authorized by the Management of Computer Wizards will void any and all warranties. LCD, Motherboard and some parts are guaranteed DOA (Dead On Arrival) only. If you have further questions please call/ask us for further details.

Customer pays labor and shipping charges.

We do not take back USED equipment, BUT we will consider buying back the PC or Equipment.

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